Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Favorites: Cannon Hill, Comstock, and Corbin Parks, Spokane, 2004-2008

Here in the Inland Northwest if you want "traditional" fall colours, or the colours more common on the East side of the Mississippi River, you'll have to look around your town. Here in Spokane, some of the older neighborhoods and south side parks offer up more of a variety of colour, due to the planting of non-native species. The South Hill offers many old tree-lined streets and you can take various combinations of them for a colorful afternoon drive. The older north side neighborhoods offer pockets of colour, which you can see from Pioneer Park, which overlooks downtown.

These photos were taken in three parks, Comstock and Cannon Hill being on the South Hill, and Corbin Park, just below the North Hill. The Corbin Park photos were taken in the evening after work. Since the days were getting so much shorter, I only had enough time to get to one park per trip. Another reason for the time crunch is that once the sun got down too far, the surrounding trees would block the light and I had to call it done.

Three shots from the Cannon Hill Park area.

Three shots from Comstock Park. didn't fall this way!

The remainder were shot in and around Corbin Park. The road around the park is an oval, lined with beautiful historic homes. The park was the site of a racetrack from 1887-1899. had good light on it!


As found...this time.

The inside of the road around the park is lined with young maples. I believe the park used to be surrounded by elms, until Dutch Elm Disease took its toll and they all had to be removed.

More fall photos to come.

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