Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Favorites: Manito Park, Spokane, 2004-2008

When presenting the fall colours of Spokane, it is almost obligatory to show Manito Park, on the South Hill. The park and the boulevard leading out of it to the south give you blocks and blocks of leaf shuffling, but you have to get there before the city crews mulch the fallen leaves. This year the city is experimenting with mulching the leaves on site, rather than spending extra money to haul them somewhere else.

Manito Park was established in 1904, so photographers have had plenty of time to take all of the standard shots. I like to walk the park and see what catches my own eye. During the autumns of 2004 and 2005 I was in-between careers so it was handy to be able to go to the park away from peak hours. At this time of year on the weekend you're practically tripping over families who are posing for portraits.

While I'm on that subject, if you want to do any advanced or professional shooting in Spokane city parks, you might want to read up on their permit requirements. I don't shoot portraits but I'd still need a permit to shoot leaves...according to the rules...because I have a photography business license. I am pleased with what I have already shot there so I'm not too concerned about jumping through all the hoops to go back and shoot more of the same. Now I can relax and enjoy the colors as a spectator...but I may keep the point & shoot camera in a cargo pocket...

Thumb-sized leaves on an old stump.
On top of the bluff above the playground.

On top of the bluff above the playground.

Experimenting with small apertures on the east side of the park.

A meadow near the main parking lot for the Japanese Gardens.

The upper part of the bluff above the sledding hill.

On top of the bluff above the playground.
More fall colours to come!

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