Monday, October 22, 2012

Photoshop Silliness

This is what happens when you give a guy with a strange sense of humor Photoshop, and too much time on his hands. Many of these go back to my first years on a comuter, shooting digital and working with Photoshop 4. In some cases I'd get an idea when I saw something along the road, and would go back at a later date to shoot the background shot. Aircraft shots are stock photos from the USAF image library.
I wasn't trying for perfection here, but I did try to match shadows and lighting when possible.

A coworker had a cat named Oreo, which I believe may have weighed as much as 26lbs at one point. I think he was down to 21 when I took the shot. Towboat in the Back Bay near Keesler AFB. While I'm here...why do they call it a towboat when it pushes the barge?
My imagined AC-5 gunship, the gun being an image of an A-10 nose cannon, "upscaled."
Some test fixtures at work assembled by a student. I replaced the plain head with the head of a friend's daughter, and placed it outside the building.

"Kaylee Bunyan" roams the 9 Mile area of Riverside State Park.

Two photos of the same RF-101 static display, "back in action" inside Wolfe Hall.

When two jets aren't enough...? P-51 prop added.
Well, the sign does say to watch for aircraft operations...
Fellow photographers from Canada who don't like being photographed. I told them their Canons had a cloaking device.'s a "caution light," right? The Biloxi, MS lighthouse, plopped into the middle of a country road.
So it's a wheat trawler...what's wrong with that?
Give a photographer crap...and you never know "how" you'll show up in an inter-office email.
A coworker's truck with added armament...and a cat behind the wheel since he doesn't like cats.

Some of this silliness does have a practical purpose. It comes in handy when you have to retouch scenes or remove distracting objects...and make it believable. The rest of the time it's just good for a laugh.

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