Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Last Years of the Rockford Barn: 2004-2011

This is a study of a barn which sat on a hill along Highway 27, just south of Rockford, Washington. You wouldn't notice it when southbound but when coming northbound it let you know you were almost home. Its location made access difficult. Aside from the driveway there was only one other place where you could park safely along the highway. The driveway was on the inside of a blind curve, so getting out was always tricky; you had to roll down your windows and listen for on coming cars. The problem with shooting close to the barn is that you had to look up at it from main shooting angles. That left you standing on the side of the highway for a better shooting angle. There are no shoulders on the road so you have to position yourself on the slopes of the ditches and wait for traffic to pass..

I didn't usually stop at the barn as a destination, but tried to capture it in whatever light I had when I was passing through. The barn was always a bit of a leaner, but in the past couple of years, the shift had become more obvious. It finally lost its battle with gravity in late 2011. The barn hadn't been used for much in it's dilapidated state. In its last years it was used to house small implements from time to time, most likely just to hide them from the eyes of people passing by.

I seem to recall seeing No Trespassing signs on it a long time ago. Sometimes farmers give that up when a remote barn such as this is too far gone to be of use to them.

South side, you can see what I mean by saying you have to look up to the barn.

Just a threat of a storm, not much to it...or the roof!

West side, you can see the northward slant.

North side, upper doors hanging open because this wall is tilted toward the camera.

The view up the driveway.

The north side and freshly-cut hay.

The southwest corner, you can see the south wall now falling inward.

I wanted to try some star trail shots on this full-moon night, but needed a barn that I could access, which would allow me to shoot toward the north star. Lesson learned: I need less moon and longer exposures...and I don't have enough patience for the latter.


The sun came out from a cloud deck and soon disappeared below the horizon.

Same sunset, in colour.

Another sunset, shot with the point & shoot, from the trees seen in the next shot. The barn looks pretty "porous" now.

I hiked up the neighboring hill on the crunchy snow for this view of the barn's surroundings. Looking north toward Mica Peak.

The barn takes one more northward shift, before finally giving in to gravity.

It settled down pretty much as you see it, leaving only the southern point of the roof above the pile of old lumber.

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